We meet every quarter (unless otherwise necessary) on the 2nd Tuesday evening at 7:00PM
January, March,  June, and October


  • Myron Maker (chair)
  • Tom Ferrier (vice chair)
  • Amy Zincke (secretary)
  • Donna Amundson
  • Scott Ferguson
  • Joyce Irish
  • John Martinka
  • Mike Simpson

Trustees have the responsibility for the supervision, oversight and care of all real property owned by the local church.  They are responsible for ensuring that the church, its properties, and its personnel are properly protected against risks.  They are in charge of determining the outside usage of the church consistent with the Social Principles and ecumenical objections of the UMC.  They are to annually revew the condition of the parsonage with Pastor and chair of the SPRC.  They are to receive and administer all trusts, bequests, and invest such funds as fiscally and socially responsibly as possible and to ensure that the buildings meet accessibility standards.