Last month I said there was little written down about that period, but I think there is even less during this time span. In the early 1900’s this congregation was growing with a new church structure. New programs were being added as they went along. Programs like Father/Son Banquets and Mother/Daughter Banquets were started during this time as annual events. The Father/Son Banquets have continued as an annual event for almost 81 years.

Orrin Thurber, grandfather to Lewis and Herschel Thurber, was a long-time and active worker in the early church. When the church was rebuilt in 1898 Orrin bought the original church.  He did the same thing when the Presbyterians rebuilt and he set both of the original structures up on Winona Street and was fond of taking people out to see them.

Edward Vaughn
J. M. Bull
N. Darrell
E.C. Teachout
C.E. Mead
W.H. Irwin
H.F. Midkiff

The articles of church activities pick up in our next segment 1925-1945